Rules and Regulations of the Society

One Slow down, little child You don’t have to hide There’s a time for everything You’re born to be anything Two Surf with your fears Climb with your strengths Kill with your kindness Run with your dreams Three Be a lady, be a gentleman Don't curse Stand up straight Smile and wave Four Don’t build... Continue Reading →

Cold-hearted Bitch

I still remember the time you held my hand, And told me everything's going to be alright. That I don't have to be scared nor worried with our reality, Our reality that seems to be far-fetched. A place where we can't be together. It is not because our hearts are not beating for one another... Continue Reading →

Tell Me More

You can lie, But you can't act Like you're as nice As what you show me You can run, But you can't hide From the devil Controlling you inside You can close your eyes, But you can't look away From the sins You tried so hard to deny You can cry, But you can't fool... Continue Reading →

How to Date a GIRLBOSS

A GIRLBOSS is someone who knows how to hustle for herself, and only herself. She doesn’t depend on anyone (except her parents, I guess) because she knows how to make herself stable. She’s independent, decisive, and passionate. When you see her hustling every day, you might get intimidated—but don’t. She knows what she wants, and being... Continue Reading →

Pure Bliss

To the sun, moon, and stars To the lovely eyes with pure innocence How did you lose sight With who you really are inside? Is it because of the constant reassurance That you'll be successful because of your constructive writing style Or is it because you killed the soul inside you That has been in... Continue Reading →

Why Paris is Loved by Many

  Paris is penned in everyone’s bucket list as one of the must-visit city. With its beautiful architectures, magnificent views, and tourist spots; this is not a surprising matter. The moment you smell their appetizing croissant is the moment you start falling in love with this city. But I’m writing this not as a former... Continue Reading →

I Am A Writer

People think being a writer is easy. All you have to do is write something, then post it. They don’t know the struggles that goes with this career path. As a writer, you have to think everyday. Not just any thinking, but thinking of ideas (or topics) that you can write about which will also... Continue Reading →

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