I Am A Writer

People think being a writer is easy. All you have to do is write something, then post it. They don’t know the struggles that goes with this career path.

As a writer, you have to think everyday. Not just any thinking, but thinking of ideas (or topics) that you can write about which will also depend on your target audience. That’s why it should be something that connects to you and your readers. With the million ideas running in your head, it is hard to choose the BEST topic because as a writer, you can’t write two topics at the same time, so don’t even try. It will show how frustrated and confused you are when you’re writing it; plus, you’re also punishing your mind. So please don’t do that.

As a writer, you have to write more than 500 words a day. (No kidding!) It must be grammatically correct, engaging, and knowledgeable. You have to convince your reader that you’re happy (or at least enjoying) with what you’re writing, even though you want to kill someone at the moment. At the same time, use simple words as much as possible. What I mean by simple is words that even a 10-year-old can understand. The more big vocabulary words you use, the less people will read your content. But this will also depend on your content’s target audience. If your target audience is business-minded people, then use “smart” words as many as you want. But if your target audience is students who are just looking for something to guide them with their research assignment, then please don’t use words just to sound smart because you’re not fooling anyone.

Still, as a writer, it’s your job to learn at least one new word everyday because expanding your vocabulary can also expand your readers.

As a writer, you must be flexible with your time. You can’t write two articles at the same time, but you ARE required (well, this will depend with the work you chose) to write more than one article per day. Scary? Don’t worry. My friend, TIME MANAGEMENT is always the key to achieve success with this kind of pressure.

So as a writer, you have to finish at least one article per three (or four) hours. By the way, proofreading and researching comes along with those hours. That’s why I’m amazed with those writers who are able to write, and still take a 1-hour break in the middle of it–which I’m able to do now. *winks*

As a writer, you must be imaginative and sensible. You have to write stories that happens inside and outside of your mind. Even if the genre you chose is teen fiction, still put a tinge of reality with it. You can get inspiration from the things that’s happening around you, as long as you don’t bore your reader. Believe me, if you’re bored while writing, your reader can sense it. That’s why changing your writing setting from time to time is helpful. If you enjoy writing at a coffee shop before and started feeling mundane, then try writing at a library for a change.

As a writer, you must be an exceptional individual. Be a glib. You have to grow, connect with people, and be suave. And as a writer, you have to read everyday to learn to criticize others and yourself. What I mean by “criticize” is by understanding what needs to be improved, at the same time WANTING to improve; not just simply giving your own criticisms every now and then. You want to help them (and yourself), not annoy them.

As a writer, you have to acknowledge that everyone have a different taste when it comes to the things they read. It’s not your fault that this reader didn’t enjoy something that you wrote. If you’re writing just to please every reader, then you’re writing for the wrong reason. We, writers, write for the solely reason of connecting to people—not connecting to every people. Know the difference.

Well, I’m not even half done with the responsibilities that’s complemented with being a writer. But I’m gonna end it here because you will fully understand everything that I’m saying once you became a writer. This post is just simply to tell you that BEING A WRITER IS NOT EASY, and it will never be. Just like any other passion that you have, it has hardships that you have to surpass if your goal is being an expert at it. It may not look like I’m having a hard time because I deeply enjoy being a writer. And if you enjoy something, then it doesn’t feel like a responsibility.


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