Sandara Park launches DARA TV, and I’m more than excited!

What’s, probably, the best way to update your fans with your daily errands and shenanigans? Well, by making a YouTube channel!


Instead of imagining your favorite celebs’ day with their social media updates, you can now watch their day through the videos they upload daily or weekly. YouTube-ing has also become a career for many: uploading not just vlogs but also lifestyle and beauty tips, challenges, DIYs, and much more. These people are called YouTubers. If you think their job is uncomplicated, think again. Every week (or day) they have to create new content for their viewers, so there’s filming, editing, and script (if they were that dedicated) day. You have to be creative, patient, and good at editing and communicating to be able to slay this job. Also, their filming equipment is insane! High-quality cameras, LED lights, an ~aesthetic~ background, and a noise-cancellation microphone. Sometimes, they need props for their content to give their viewers something worth watching for. The more viewers they have, the more money they earn.

So why did Sandara Park, a famous and successful celebrity, made a YouTube channel? There can be a lot of answers, but this is how I see it.


DISCLAIMER: This is just an assumption about Sandara Park’s reason/s. So I don’t know why other celebrities decided to make a YouTube channel (like Ashley Tisdale and Ryzza Mae Dizon) when they already have a career.


As a fan, Dara might want to connect with us more. Since her 2NE1 days, she has been loved by millions of people because of her kindness and love for her fans; giving them food and water after every performance. We also see her often before 2NE1 disbanded, so now that they’re gone (which broke millions of hearts around the world), often became rarer. Though, she still has movies, dramas, commercials, and guestings; it’s still far from what she was doing when she was in 2NE1. Plus, she has been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade, she might be unaccustomed to not be in front of the camera all the time (or at least, most of the time). Given by the fact that her absolute dream is to be a superstar. So now that she is, why would she give up that spotlight so soon?

2NE1 TV has been a fan favorite; it showed every member’s quirkiness and even the group’s inside jokes, which we rarely see when they are on stage. So kudos to Dara and her team for launching DARA TV, I can already see it becoming a hit like 2NE1 TV. Probably, more than that. Now, I’m currently anticipating the upcoming videos DARA TV’s going to produce.

More blessings to come, Dara unnie. You’re an inspiration to everyone, especially to me. NOLZA!


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