How to Date a GIRLBOSS

A GIRLBOSS is someone who knows how to hustle for herself, and only herself. She doesn’t depend on anyone (except her parents, I guess) because she knows how to make herself stable. She’s independent, decisive, and passionate. When you see her hustling every day, you might get intimidated—but don’t. She knows what she wants, and being on top of every guy’s career path is not one of it.


  1. Don’t compete with her.


I don’t know why some guys think their ego is being stepped on when their girl is accomplishing more than they. You’re dating a girl who’s a goal digger, she enjoys the feeling of receiving recognition and achieving goals one by one. And she’s doing this for herself, not to compete with you. If she’s doing better in life than you, so what? She’s not trying to prove anything, instead she wants you to be proud of her. Your ego is the least of her priorities.


  1. Being selfish should not be in the ten commandments of your (or any) relationship.


Don’t stop her from reaching her dreams. Support her physically, mentally, and emotionally; just like how you want to be supported. Remember that her world doesn’t revolve around you nor your relationship. And if you’re going to stop her from going to Paris to continue her dream to be a fashion designer just because you don’t want to be left alone, then you’re not the right guy for her.


  1. Don’t underestimate her.


A GIRLBOSS climbed all her way up to where she is now. She needs you right beside her, not to hold her up. She doesn’t settle for less, so expect her to keep on surprising you with her competence. She is capable of a lot of things, and being underestimated is not one of these.


  1. Let her decide.


Controlling your girlfriend doesn’t only simplify who’s in control of the relationship–but what kind of boyfriend you are. If you’re not letting her decide for herself to feed your “I’m the boyfriend” issues, then please do her a favor and let her, a human being who has a perfectly-built brain, go.


  1. Remember that her opinion about the relationship matters.


A relationship is consists of two people deeply in love with each other. And the only opinion that matters in the relationship is from the two involved, not from their friends nor their family; which also means that when one does something about the relationship, the other one has the right to agree or disagree about it. Clear?


  1. Don’t expect her to give all her attention to you.


A relationship should not be too relationship-centered, the two individuals involved should be allowed to hang out with their friends and family. If you truly love each other, you should respect each other’s space. You’re not supposed to not give a care about your partner, but instead you have to understand that your partner needs alone time (yes, a time away from you), and you do, too.


  1. Trust her.


A GIRLBOSS can take care of herself and enjoys being in control of her life, yet she knows that her relationship should be one of her priorities. If you see her giving the greatest with her career, then best believe me that she’s going to give her greatest with your relationship, too.


  1. Be as independent as her.


Just because your girlfriend is building an empire, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to just lie down in your couch until she’s done. Remember that there’s no finish line when it comes to opportunities. You have to build it with her, not just watch her hustle.


Strive to be the best person that you can be because a GIRLBOSS has standards—because she knows what she deserves. And if you’re dating one it means she chose you, so shine with her because you have a diamond here, she’s going to be unbreakable and extraordinary. Learn to take care of her, trust me when I tell you that she’s worth fighting for.


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