Why Riverdale’s Veronica Lodge should be your Style Icon

The name “Veronica Lodge” has been a tale as old as time in the fashion industry, with 76 years of slaying the world with her brown eyes and prevailing taste, this character was made to stand out.

If you don’t know who Veronica Lodge is; well, she’s a spoiled yet sweet vixen that has been creating fashion statements from Archie Comics up to the Netflix’s hit series, Riverdale. She’s also labeled as the Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl 2.0, but with a better closet and nicer personality.

Veronica is an It girl because of her wealth, attitude, and looks, but the number one thing that perfectly depicts her is her fashion style. She’s the impeccable example of seductive yet elegant heiress. It was even mentioned in the comics that Veronica drives her father, Hiram Lodge, crazy with her shopaholic personality. But this is what differentiates the Archie Comics’ Ronnie to Riverdale’s Ronnie, played by Camila Mendes; she still loves shopping, partying, and well, what every rich girl enjoys, but Riverdale’s Ronnie is more modest with her shopping spree because of her father’s scandal. When she moved from New York to Riverdale, Veronica started reforming herself to be a better person, which means changing her well-known personality and lifestyle. Still, she lives with a little bit of sassy-ness because without it, she wouldn’t be The Veronica Lodge, this generation’s style icon. Here are just some of the best and classiest clothes she wore that made her a headline:

  1. Classic ‘Dixxy’ Lace Dress by Ted Baker


  1. Merino Wool Plaid Sweater by Brooks Brothers + Cotton Large Plaid Skirt by Brooks Brothers


  1. Sexy Floral V-Neck Fit And Flare Dress by RW&Co


Bonus: Stunning White Wedding Dress from Riverdale Season 2’s upcoming episode



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