7 Ways to Keep A Healthy Mindset

Did you know that your mental health is just as important as your physical health because your mind is the grand expert of your destiny? Mind blooooooowing. What you think, you do; what you do, you reap. Your mind is the most powerful thing in the world because your mind controls your well-being, but remember... Continue Reading →

6 Smart Financial Tips For Young Adults

Money doesn’t control your life, but it controls the important parts of it. Don’t you think it’s better to be secured financially first before you jump into the real world? Your parents can’t control the real world, they can’t keep you financially stable forever because when you go into the real world, you WORK HARD... Continue Reading →

Maarte Kaya Gagawa Na Lang Ng Art

Gagraduate na ko. Dapat matuwa ako, di ba? Kasi naging worth it ang tatlong taon at kalahati kong paghihirap matapos ang mga projects na pinapagawa ng mga feeling major na courses, pagtitiis sa mga professors na basa sa powerpoint lang ang pagtuturo, at pagkabisado ng formulas na hindi naman relate sa program na kinuha ko.... Continue Reading →

CeCe’s Day

"What do you feel when you're with Karen?" "I feel happy. Flustered? When I'm with her, I want to protect her; be her knight in shining armor. I want her to be mine." "Why?" "Why? Should there really be a reason?" Jenny Kim raised her eyebrows, so I answered. "Okay, fine. Umm, she's the girl of... Continue Reading →

Annoying Little Girl

Wearing your red plaid skirt and white shirt Running with your black shoes Curly long hair moving with the wind Dark brown innocent eyes covered by your big glasses And smiling with your crooked teeth like there's nothing wrong People didn’t like you because of you being you You were annoying, really   The fourteen... Continue Reading →

That’s Why

Maybe it’s because I eat there with you That’s why I can’t eat there alone anymore Maybe it’s because we walked down that path every morning That’s why I can’t walk there anymore   Maybe it’s because we always ride the bus on the way home That’s why I can’t ride the bus anymore Maybe it’s... Continue Reading →


I'll always remember your smell Your kisses and smiles The way you laugh The way your eyes sparkle Every time you tell me you love me My heart beat beats faster than I've ever imagined This is true love, I know But this is not the right time for us I want to fight for... Continue Reading →

We Don’t Match

Do you know how I feel Every time I look at your brown eyes Trying to answer my whys And making fun of my what ifs   Do you know how I feel Every time you tell me it’s alright To feel sad and insecure Because you feel that, too   Do you know how... Continue Reading →

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